Strobel Sewing

Our new machines



VEB100-1, the new single thread blindstitch machine


Everything can be done better

You may have seen already! Or basic model has been recognizable extended. Not only the outside appearance changed, also the inside values are made to perfection.


We believe the new VEB100 is a special gift to our loyal customers; Big clearance fopr all kind of applications, easy handling and a faultless blind stitch.



VPR100, the new single thread blindstitch spot tacking machine


A Typical Strobel philosophy ...

With the instroduction of the Stobel VPR100 - We bring th Spot tacking blindstitch machine up to date ...

Having carefully listened to our customer feedback & wishes, we have thrown away the manual & drwaing on our vast experience we have developed the next generation of the spot tacking blindstitch machine.

... But more over "EVERYONE" wins!





The Produktion Manager is Happy,

the VPR100 incorporates a multitude of variable settings, and in the process produces a constant level of quality.


The Operator is Happy

the VPR100 is highly productive and has been designed for ease of use.


Th Designer is Happy,

the VPR100 provides no limit to the imagination.


The Technician is Happy,

the VPR100 presents no problems, even when asked to perform on vastly different materials, but moreover it is easy to maintain through the specially designed siding service cover.


As we sais "Typically  Strobel!"





VTD410EV, the new single thread overseaming machine for insoling


Nothing is impossible! At least not at Strobel.

Our heavy cupfeed model VTD410EV can stitch even penetration resistance Kevlar soles with a material thickness of 11mm - Even ath high speed!


How do we manage such a feat?

German engineering & Quality workmanship that only comes from "Made in Germany".


A heavy duty machine only?

Certainly not, a separate "direct" drive ensures that the feed & front cup work to the millimetre. In addition, the differential feed allows this versatile machine to build in an extra 48% of fullness in to the seam as required. This eliminates the pre-gathering-operation.


NB - Specialist equipment for the production of such seams at the "California-Style" will be catered for on request.


Typical Strobel!