Standard Sewing Machines:    

Sewing unit 100-69
innovative and highly flexible
1220-5 Sewing unit 1220-5 
Single-head overlock unit for serging of long fabric parts
1265-5 Highlead GC188-MD4 Sewing unit 1265-5
Serging front and hind trousers with or without kneelining

Sewing unit 1280-5-1
Automatic closing of side and inseams in classic and casual trousers

1281-5-1 Sewing unit 1281-5-1 
Closing seams fast and easy
1365-5-2 Sewing unit 1365-5-2 
Serging the front and back trousers - with or without knee lining
Sewing Machines:     
171-131110   Sewing unit 171-131110
The lively one
171-141621   Sewing unit 171-141621
The lively one
173-141110   Sewing unit 173-141110
The convenient one
2111-5   Sewing unit 2111-5
Folding and attaching of pocket facings
2112-5   Sewing unit 2112-5
Attaching left- and right-hand trousers flies and pocket facing to pocket bag
2211-5   Sewing unit 2211-5
Attach left- + right-hand trousers flies and wing pockets